Visual Sales Force Automation - Screen Shots

B2B Commerce at its Best

Streamline the order entry and tracking process for your sales professionals and customers. Integrated with the order management system, Visual provides secure, real-time visibility of orders and other sales information both off and online.

Streamline your Order Entry Process Today!

Key Features

Order Entry

Create Sales Orders for New and Existing Customers.

Cloud Based

Always Up-to-Date Product & Inventory Information.


Order Status, Order Tracking, Pay Invoices.


Real-Time Product Catalogs Generated from ERP.


Measure and Improve your Sales Team’s Performance.


Agents and Customers Can Place Their Own Orders.

"Using the Remote Entry Order system at MAGIC, I was able to process my purchases so much faster than having to manually enter my orders once back at the office."

Make Your Customers Happy

Visual allows your customers to easily:

  • View Product Images & Details
  • Inquire about Order Status
  • Check Inventory
  • Place New Orders
  • Replenishment Orders
  • Review Order Statistics

Visual Sales Force Automation - Happy Customers
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